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Keep up to date with news and developments about the proposed Roşia Montană mine. The links below lead to interviews with and articles from guest contributors and perspectives on commentary from around the web, including:

Mining for the Community at Rosia Montana (III)

This is a third article in a series of four pieces written by N. Ishwaran (Beijing) and J. Zammit-Lucia (Amsterdam). Mr. Natarajan…

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Heritage preservation is NOT in conflict with economic and community development (II)

This article is the second in a series of four pieces written by N. Ishwaran (Beijing) and J. Zammit-Lucia (Amsterdam). Mr. Natarajan…

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Mining and Heritage at Rosia Montana: A Constructive Approach (I)

This article opens a series of four pieces written by N. Ishwaran (Beijing) and J. Zammit-Lucia (Amsterdam). Mr. Natarajan Ishwaran is a Visiting…

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14 reasons why the Roşia Montană mining project would be good for Romania

As 2014 gets underway it’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves why the mining project would benefit Roşia Montană and Romania.

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Infographic  rosia montana on twitter   Infogram

Roşia Montană on Twitter

Overview of English tweets about Roşia Montană between 01 September 2013 and 17 February 2014 Create Infographics

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In pictures: The Roşia Montană community

RMGC has been active in Roşia Montană for years sponsoring and working with the local community to improve the quality of life in and around Roşia Montană, as well as providing the main source of employment in the region.

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Thoughts on MEP Paul Rubig’s interview

It is heartening that MEP Paul Rübig refers explicitly to Rosia Montana as an example of where a positive impact is possible economically as well as on the environment.

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In pictures: Roşia Montană’s environment

Roşia Montană is not the pristine landscape some believe it to be. In fact, it is a highly polluted area with severe environmental degradation.

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An interview with Paul Rübig MEP

Paul Rübig is Austria’s longest serving MEP and has led a distinguished business career. His parliamentary work includes co-chairing the Business and…

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The protected village of Rosia Montana

In pictures: How the project is protecting cultural heritage

RMGC has already invested over US$30 million in the research and restoration of the cultural heritage from Roşia Montană.

This picture gallery shows some of the improvements that have already taken place, as well as others that are planned.

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