Mining in Roşia Montană: Creating jobs for Romanians

Written by Catalin Hosu

A recent article on discusses the grave issue of unemployment in Aninoasa, Romania, following the closure of its coal mine (the town’s only major employer):

“When the Anonisa state-owned coal mine closed in 2006, it left nearly every person in the town unemployed. Now almost all of them rely on mining pensions of between 100 and 500 euros per month.”

Following the mine’s closure, almost every young person has left Aninoasa in search of jobs elsewhere.

This constitutes a very real threat to other areas of Romania, where the once active employment of the mining industry has dried up, leaving in its place no viable and sustainable alternative.

See my subsequent article – “Mining in Rosia Montana: Creating jobs for Romanians”, which highlight’s Romania’s long mining history and the opportunities provided to the country and its people by modern mining, which adheres to the strictest environmental standards.  Mining operations in Roşia Montană will create some 7,000 direct and indirect jobs during its construction phase and around 3,600 direct and indirect jobs during its operational phase.  The Project has the potential to generate over $24 billion for the Romanian economy (at an assumed gold price of $1,200/oz), whilst maintaining the highest environmental standards and ensuring a sustainable future for the area.

Roşia Montană could be the standard bearer for a revitalised, modern mining industry in Romania, providing local communities with much needed reasons to stay.