In pictures: The Roşia Montană community

Written by Catalin Hosu

Today Roşia Montană is classified as a ‘Disadvantaged Zone’ due to the high unemployment and low incomes in the region. RMGC has been active in Roşia Montană for years, sponsoring and working with the local community to improve the quality of life in and around Roşia Montană, as well as providing the main source of employment in the region. RMGC facilitates community building and cohesion through various events and efforts to preserve, reflect on, and celebrate the history and cultural heritage. It also works with the local people to lobby for the opportunity of employment through the mining project.

In preparation for the mining project, RMGC has already purchased residential properties offering both relocation and resettlement options. The first resettlement location, Recea, located in Alba Iulia, was completed in December 2010 and the settlement has now been successfully occupied for over two years, providing access to employment opportunities and higher living and healthcare standards than previously available. RMGC maintains an presence and close dialogue with the Recea residents to assist in ongoing social needs and integration in the wider community.

As a result of the ongoing community efforts of RMGC, the mining project has significant support from the local people as they see an opportunity for economic and community development, which they regard as absolutely essential for their community’s survival. This support was validated by a local referendum in December 2012 where, of those that voted, over 78 percent of people living in Roşia Montană and 62 percent of those living in the larger surrounding area voted in favour of mining at the Roşia Montană Project.

RMGC works closely with the local community of Recea to assist with resettlement

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