In pictures: How the project is protecting cultural heritage

Written by Catalin Hosu

The Roşia Montană mining project includes a detailed plan for the protection, restoration and preservation of the cultural heritage of the protected town of Roşia Montană and its surrounding area.  After extensive research RMGC has already put this plan into action.

The investment by RMGC would save historic sites such as Roman mining areas in situ and medieval buildings that are being degraded by time and have been mostly destroyed by neglect.  We are not aware of any viable alternatives for the area to reverse current degradation and support a sustainable future.

To date, RMGC has invested over US$30 million in the research and restoration of the cultural heritage from Roşia Montană and has committed to invest up to another $120 million throughout the mine’s life. This will be the largest private investment in archaeological preservation in Romania, aimed at preserving and restoring culture for a sustainable future for generations to come.

So far, the investment made by RMGC has been used to carefully excavate and preserve 2 miles of Roman galleries under the historical and protected centre of Roşia Montană, to build a mining museum in the historic village centre, to restore old civic buildings (a school and a town hall) and is also working to preserve and restore over 300 houses in the historical centre.

The protected village of Rosia Montana - RMGC would work to preserve and restore this historical village

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