2013 October

Keep up to date with news and developments about the proposed Roşia Montană mine. The links below lead to interviews with and articles from guest contributors and perspectives on commentary from around the web, including:

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Cultural heritage saved through mine development

By David Jennings, CEO of York Archaeological Trust

The future of Roşia Montană is dependent upon a concerted programme aimed at the preservation, restoration and provision of safe access to appropriate archaeological sites and the restoration and revitalization of the historic and protected village.

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Why the Roşia Montană gold mine will benefit the environment

Dr. Joseph Zammit-Lucia writes that protesters demonstrating against the gold mine use incomplete, partial arguments and “quote the facts selectively to serve their narrow ends.”

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Romania: Central and Eastern Europe’s future powerhouse?

Sir Martin Sorrell thinks Romania could become one of Europe’s economic powerhouses. The Roşia Montană gold mine can help it get there.

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Why mining in Rosia Montana will be a pillar of sustainable development in Romania

Raluca Besliu’s recent article is typical of the misinformation and misinterpretations being put forward by activists opposing the Roşia Montană gold mine. The project will benefit, not harm, the region.

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Modern mining can enhance biodiversity

Given the Roşia Montană gold mine’s established environmental safeguards, the project will “maintain and even enhance the region’s biodiversity,” according to a recent article by the President of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity & Sustainable Development.

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Gold – more than just luxury, a life saver

Gold is much more than a luxury item – its use is critically important in fields like medicine and nanotechnology.

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RM Gold’s environmental safeguards – ‘Better than best practice’

An interview with Dr. Christian Kunze, Associate Director at AMEC

‘People who are worried about pollution from the mine ought to take half-an-hour to look at the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. They will find that the plan goes far beyond best international practice.’

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Romania: A Balkan Tiger?

An independent US think tank has published a report which states that Romania could become an economic powerhouse – if it allows progressive economic projects like the Roşia Montană gold mine to go forward.

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Accountability in activism

Can vehement activism derail a project that a recent poll says is supported by 68% of the Romanian population?

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More heat than light in EU debate

By Sean O’Sullivan, Government Relations Officer for the Rosia Montana Gold Project

The objectors, be they MEPs or environmentalists are blaming the wrong people. Mining provides much needed investment to trigger sustainable regional development, wealth creation and environmental regeneration.

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