Keep up to date with news and developments about the proposed Roşia Montană mine. The links below lead to interviews with and articles from guest contributors and perspectives on commentary from around the web, including:


Accountability in activism

Can vehement activism derail a project that a recent poll says is supported by 68% of the Romanian population?

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More heat than light in EU debate

By Sean O’Sullivan, Government Relations Officer for the Rosia Montana Gold Project

The objectors, be they MEPs or environmentalists are blaming the wrong people. Mining provides much needed investment to trigger sustainable regional development, wealth creation and environmental regeneration.

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Terry Mudder

Cyanide, science and society

An interview with Dr. Terry Mudder, a science and engineering consultant and expert on cyanide.

‘To state simply that cyanide cannot be used safely under any circumstances is a falsehood,’ says Dr. Terry Mudder.

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Economy and Environment: no compromise in a new era for Romanian Mining

By Dragos Tanase, General Manager of the Roşia Montană Gold Corporation

Jobs, economic growth, the revival of our moribund mining sector – and the highest environmental and safety standards.

That’s what the Roşia Montană project will bring to Romania.

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Copy of seppo_maula

The Finnish mining perspective

By Seppo Maula, the former mayor of Kittala, Finland, where one of Europe’s largest gold mines started commercial production in 2009.

“Romania has a tradition of mining going back to the Romans. This is a chance for that industry to have a new start.”

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