Keep up to date with news and developments about the proposed Roşia Montană mine. The links below lead to interviews with and articles from guest contributors and perspectives on commentary from around the web, including:

rehabilitated - city hall - Rosia-Montana 2

Finland: Gold Mining leads to sustainable tourism. Rosia Montana can do the same.

The Finland story CNN published a Jim Boulden video documentary on how Finland Arctic Circle mining is helping local communities thrive, evolve…

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EU Policies & Practices and Euromines

Euromines is one of the most important allies for the mining industry in the European Union, as it acts as an interface…

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Rosia Montana Waters

Heritage Exchange 2014 – What does it mean for Rosia Montana?

The UK’s Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) recently ran a conference, Heritage Exchange 2014, in London. It marks what may be a very…

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Rosia Montana Future

A Global View on Responsible Mining – a reality in the 21st century

I recently published a comprehensive review on responsible gold mining around the world in response to the movement against mining in general…

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The Rosia Montana Project: Mining with a Positive Impact (IV)

This article concludes a series of four pieces written by N. Ishwaran (Beijing) and J. Zammit-Lucia (Amsterdam). Mr. Natarajan Ishwaran is a Visiting…

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14 reasons why the Roşia Montană mining project would be good for Romania

As 2014 gets underway it’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves why the mining project would benefit Roşia Montană and Romania.

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Thoughts on MEP Paul Rubig’s interview

It is heartening that MEP Paul Rübig refers explicitly to Rosia Montana as an example of where a positive impact is possible economically as well as on the environment.

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In pictures: Roşia Montană’s environment

Roşia Montană is not the pristine landscape some believe it to be. In fact, it is a highly polluted area with severe environmental degradation.

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The protected village of Rosia Montana

In pictures: How the project is protecting cultural heritage

RMGC has already invested over US$30 million in the research and restoration of the cultural heritage from Roşia Montană.

This picture gallery shows some of the improvements that have already taken place, as well as others that are planned.

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Roşia Montană and Baia Mare: should they be compared?

By Dr. Suzanne Lacasse and Kaare Hoeg, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute Technical Experts

In all aspects, the Roşia Montană project has learned lessons from the Baia Mare and Certej disasters and provided improved design. With respect to safety, the design of the Roşia Montană Tailings Management Facility belongs to an entirely different class of dams than the Baia Mare facility.

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