Accountability in activism

Written by Catalin Hosu

Is the activist community held accountable for its actions?

Joseph Zammit-Lucia, an independent author and commentator, explores in his recent article the impact of protests on Shell’s decision making on the disposal of the Brent Spar platform, which many believed to have been counterproductive.  He draws parallels with on-going protests against fracking in the UK and gold mining in Romania.

“Can vehement activism through emotional messages derail a project that a recent poll says is supported by 68% of the Romanian population and one that promises to provide net social, economic and environmental benefit to the country?”

Joseph Zammit-Lucia lists the benefits of the Rosia Montana project in his article, including significant job creation and environmental rehabilitation, but asks the question:

Is the activist community fully aware of the facts surrounding the Rosia Montana project?

Our goal in this news website is to provide these facts and to ensure that all the project’s significant benefits are properly understood.  The job creation – 2,300 direct jobs during construction and 900 whilst the mine is operating and many more indirect jobs; the environmental rehabilitation programme – RMGC has already invested millions in cleaning up pollution from historical unregulated mining activities; the vast economic benefits – the project is forecast to generate over $24 billion for the Romania economy….the list goes on.

It is these facts that we wish to bring to the table to inject some balance into the important debate surrounding the future of mining in Romania.

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