A Global View on Responsible Mining – a reality in the 21st century

Written by Catalin Hosu

I recently published a comprehensive review on responsible gold mining around the world in response to the movement against mining in general and against gold mining throughout the world. The voices that stand against mining claim that companies and countries use mineral resources without regard for the environment, cultural heritage or the local community.

However, I’m looking at the countries that are constantly on the top of the world’s economic growth and development charts, and I cannot but see that some of these top performers rely on responsible, modern gold and silver mining as part of their success.

The report features the past, present and future in Victor, Colorado (The Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine), the modern technology and Involvement in Kittila, Finland (The Kittila mine),  the new life brought to Storuman through mining (The Svartliden Production Centre) and innovation and a return to nature in Waihi, New Zealand (The Golden Cross mine). If you go through it here, it should create a picture of how Rosia Montana could grow and thrive with the start of the proposed mining project and proves that mining can be done responsibly in the 21st century.

In Romania, the Rosia Montana mine seeks to protect the environment and work for the benefit of the local community. The tourism industry will be boosted and supported both through infrastructure and through planned tours and investments. The rich historic mining heritage will be included in these tourist routes after extensive investments to bring it back to its former glory. The community will once again thrive thanks to jobs in its traditional industry. Mining and cyanide management will be done in strictest compliance with EU directives and standards and using industry best practices and the reclamation phase will see the area returned to nature.

Responsible mining is already part of the plan so there should be nothing standing in the way of a project that is compliant and would set new standards of responsibility for the gold mining industry.